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Winters in Tucson are mild relative to other parts of the US. Daytime highs in the winter range between 64 and 75 °F (18 and 24 °C), with overnight lows between 30 and 44 °F (−1 and 7 °C). Tucson typically averages one hard freeze per winter season, with temperatures dipping to the mid or low-20s (−7 to −4 °C). Call Air & Solar today for heating system installation and service!

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Tucson Summers are characterized by daytime temperatures that exceed 100 °F (38 °C) and overnight temperatures between 66 and 85 °F (19 and 29 °C). Don't wait until the ice breaks on the Santa Cruz to service your air conditioning or cooling system! Call Air & Solar Technologies - low rates - largest parts selection - commercial or residential cooling systems.

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Solar Systems

Harness the POWER of the SUN! Solar power has been gaining ground in Tucson with its ideal over 300 days of sunshine climate. Federal, state, and even local utility credits and incentives have enticed residents to equip their homes with solar systems. Call Air & Solar for free estimates, solar panels and installation, solar water heating and PV systems.

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Air Conditioning – Heating – Cooling – Solar Systems

Contact Air & Solar Technologies today for air conditioning, heating, cooling & solar system service and installation. We offer low rates and service fees on all heating, cooling and solar system brands, types and ages. FREE first service call, longest labor warranties, $59 service fee, guaranteed service within 24 hours, after hours service and the largest parts selection.

Don’t fret a summer or winter, call Air & Solar Technologies for solutions to all of your air conditioning, heating, cooling and solar needs. Contact us today for pricing on businesses, homes and multiple systems.

78% of systems fail due to low or no maintenance!

Keep your heating and cooling systems running efficiently for years with an affordable service contract. $99 per system per year takes care of your heating or cooling system. Cleaning, lubrication, quality filters, coil cleaning and first pound of Freon FREE. 15% OFF any service with a heating and cooling service contract. 10% OFF any installation during the service contract period.

Save MONEY, save ENERGY!

If your cooling system is 7 years or older and uses old R-22 freon – it’s costing you TOO MUCH! Air and Solar Technologies installs all brands and types. Systems start at $2999.

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