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Call Air and Solar for all of your heating and cooling or solar needs!


Call Air & Solar Technologies today for all of your commercial and residential heating needs. We install and service all brands and types of heating systems.


Tucson Summers are characterized by daytime temperatures that exceed 100 °F (38 °C) and overnight temperatures between 66 and 85 °F (19 and 29 °C). Don’t wait until the ice breaks on the Santa Cruz to service your air conditioning or cooling system!

Solar Systems

Solar power is good for the planet and saves you money, while providing energy security and independence. Call Air and Solar Technologies to learn more!


Low Service Rates on ALL Brands, Types and Ages

$59 service fee, guaranteed service within 24 hours, after-hours service. FREE first service call. Longest labor warranties. Licensed, bonded, insured and certified. Contact us TODAY for pricing for businesses, homes and multiple systems. Commercial and residential heating, cooling and solar systems.


SAVE Money – SAVE Energy!

Call the professionals at Air & Solar Technologies for installation of all brands and types of heating and cooling, and solar systems. If your system is 7 years or older, and uses old R-22 freon, it’s costing you too much. Our recommendation? REPLACE it! System pricing starts at $2999. Your system is the most expensive and most important system in your home or business.

Service Contracts

78% of systems fail due to low or no maintenance.

$99 per system per year takes care of your system. Cleaning, lubrication, quality filters, coil cleaning, first pound of freon FREE. 15% OFF any service. 10% OFF any installation during contract. 30 day warranty after inspection. Keep your system running efficiently!

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